Pivní lázně Ninkasi - České Budějovice

relax in a beer bath

Welcome to the Ninkasi Beer Spa, where history is combined with a modern concept of relaxation and rest. Our journey began with a dream of a place where everyone could stop, relax and recharge. We were inspired by ancient rituals of beauty and health, which we combined with our love for traditional Czech beer and wine spas.

Our services are for anyone who feels it’s time to stop for a while. Whether you’re exhausted from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, looking for a romantic getaway for two, or just want to enjoy some quiet time with yourself, Ninkasi Beer Spa is here for you. We offer a unique experience in the form of beer, wine, flower or even Cleopatra’s baths. And all in high-quality wooden tubs that enhance the uniqueness of the whole experience.

Our secret is the combination of unique baths, the privacy our spa offers and the personal touch we give our guests. We believe that every customer is unique and deserves a bespoke service. Our hydro-massage baths are designed to provide maximum relaxation and regeneration of body and mind. What’s more, all of our treatments are available for both singles and couples, allowing you to share this unique experience with a loved one.

Our goal is for you to leave us full of energy, with the feeling that you have indulged in something special. Because in today’s hectic times, everyone deserves a moment to themselves.

Choose Ninkasi Beer Spa for your next escape from reality and let yourself be pampered in our world of relaxation, where every detail has been carefully thought out for your ultimate comfort. Come and experience what it means to truly unwind.

We look forward to seeing you!


Pivní lázně NINKASI -day spa

L.B. Schneidera 568/1

370 01 České Budějovice



phone: +420 606 953 066

e-mail: ninkasi@pivnilaznecb.cz